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Boasting a rapidly growing middle class, India presents numerous opportunities for investors. Guidance is available from these experts.

India is home to 1.2 billion people, making it the second-most populated country on earth, behind only China. Thanks in large part to rapid GDP growth over the past two decades, today, India is the world’s seventh-largest economy. Opportunities abound for overseas investors. These 10 experts provide insight into India’s stock market and economy and are worth a read for anyone looking for investment exposure in India. The list is presented in alphabetical order.

Amit Arora

Amit Arora is the founder and chief investment officer at Eleven Dimensions Funds, headquartered in New Zealand. But he was brought up in India and received his university education at the University of Delhi. He served on the United Nations from 2001 to 2006 in Europe and since then has been a consultant to the New Zealand government. At his Long Term Equities blog, he writes mostly about stocks that trade in India. A post from earlier this year details his thoughts on Radix Industries, an Indian company that sells human hair.

You can follow Amit on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.

Sanjay Bakshi

Referenced by several of the others on this list as a preeminent value investing expert, Professor Sanjay Bakshi is somewhat of a living legend among his peers. Sanjay is a professor of finance at Management Development Institute (MDI), a leading Indian business school in Gurgaon, located just outside of New Delhi. He is also a managing partner at ValueQuest Capital, a New Delhi-based investment advisor whose philosophy is rooted in investing in moated businesses. His blog Fundoo Professor features his investing lectures, general thoughts on value investing, and industry analysis, such as his recent study of India’s dependence on coal.

You can follow Sanjay on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn. You can also read more about Sanjay on his personal website.

Rohit Chauhan


For someone who describes himself as a self-taught investor and “not a guru,” Rohit Chauhan has an incredible amount of valuable investment research on his blog Value Investor India. After being thrust into a role as manager of his family’s finances at a young age, Rohit gravitated toward value investing principles espoused by Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham. Today he uses his knowledge to teach others the ways of value investing, with a slant toward Indian markets. His recent post details how the expected moat period of a stock should be indicative of its price.

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Vikram Singh Mehta

Formerly CEO of Shell India, Vikram Singh Mehta is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and currently serves as executive chairman of Brookings India in New Delhi. He writes regularly at the Brookings Institution, Brookings India, and the Indian Express. With a career background in big oil and a post-graduate degree in energy economics from Tufts University, much of his research deals with energy. Recent writings include a commentary on the Indian government’s energy policy and India-U.S. energy cooperation.

You can connect with Vikram on LinkedIn.

Ayush Mittal

Dalal Street was founded by Ayush Mittal along with his father and siblings, and it is an excellent — albeit infrequently updated — resource for value investing in Indian stocks. Although it hasn’t been updated since December 2014, the in-depth analysis of Indian stocks on Dalal Street is tough to beat. One of its posts from last year includes a well-thought analysis on their investing ideas on Astral Poly, Ajanta Pharma, and Shilpa Medicare, among others. More regularly, Ayush is a moderator at ValuePickr, a forum for discussion of Indian small and mid-caps, where he is quite the active participant in discussions. His family also runs, a stock screener for publicly traded Indian companies.

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T.T. Ram Mohan

T.T. Ram Mohan is a professor of finance and accounting at the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad. His area of specialization is the Indian banking sector reformation and privatization. He also writes regularly for Mumbai-based Economic & Political Weekly and formerly wrote for the Economic Times. He is the author of Privatisation in India. (In an opinion piece published last year in The Hindu, Ram argued against privatization of the banking sector in India.)

You can connect with Ram on LinkedIn and read more of his commentary on the Indian economy and banking on his personal blog, The Big Picture.

Gaurav A. Parikh

Mumbai-based Gaurav Parikh is co-founder and managing director of Jeena Scriptech Alpha Advisors, an equity advisory and training company. He has expertise in IPO process and pricing, corporate restructuring, valuations, mergers and acquisitions, and funds mobilization. Most of his writings are on his personal blog, aptly named Gaurav’s Blog. Here he gives investing insight into Indian equities, offering his candid thoughts on companies to stay away from. One of his favorite sayings on the blog is, “In India, Companies may fall sick, but [its] Promoters rarely do.” Recent posts on his blog include his take on Claris Lifescience and a commentary on how India is often bullied by foreign investors.

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Nitin Rao

Nitin Rao is a Mumbai-based investor who earns a living by investing in the stock market. He goes by the name Raoji on his blog Alpha Ideas, which he describes as an “investment blog for the Indian markets.” Many of the posts are whimsical in nature, as Raoji regularly offers up fun cartoons and videos. On the more serious side, his linkfests provide references to critical economic and investment commentary each day. And his sell-side commentary and investing observations are must-reads for serious investors in Indian markets.

You can follow Alpha Ideas on Twitter.

Ajay Shah

Ajay Shah is a senior fellow and professor of economics at the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy in New Delhi. He co-authored India’s Financial Markets: An Insider’s Guide to How the Markets Work. He writes regularly on his blog, with many of his writings focusing on India’s economy. His recent posts deal with the financial environment in India, India’s National Pension System, and an explanation of how the pre-crisis credit boom still today affects India’s post-crisis period and why India’s economy is still struggling.

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Deepak Shenoy

Deepak Shenoy has a background in software programming but is now focused on the financial markets industry. At Capital Mind, he analyzes the Indian economy and financial markets, focusing specifically on macroeconomics, fixed income, stocks and derivatives, and market concepts. Recent posts on Capital Mind include a discussion of just how far Nifty profits have fallen this quarter and an analysis of the CNX 500 P/E nearing all-time highs, even as its performance is lagging.

You can follow Deepak on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn. He also offers a lot of good answers and has a relatively large following at Quora.

Did we miss any of your favourite experts on India’s economy and investment markets? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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