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Brazil — the world’s sixth-largest economy — can be overwhelming for overseas investors. It doesn’t have to be, with the guidance of these experts.

Although potential investors should be wary of recent events such as the Petrobras bribery and money-laundering scandal and diminished GDP growth over the past two years, the long-term growth potential of the Brazilian economy may still make it an alluring market for some investors.

Below are the top 10 experts on the Brazilian economy and investment opportunities that exist within the Latin American country. The list is presented in alphabetical order.

James Bosworth

James Bosworth — better known as “Boz” — is partner and director of analysis at Southern Pulse, a risk advisor in Latin America, and also an online publisher of Latin American business and political news. He is also the author of Bloggings by Boz, which focuses on foreign policy and security risks in the LatAm region. Although he lives in Mexico, he dedicates a good amount of his blog writings to the stability (or lack thereof) of the Brazilian government and Dilma Rousseff’s presidency.

You can follow Boz on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.

Rodrigo Caetano

Rodrigo Caetano (not to be confused with the Brazilian footballer by the same name) is the founder and CEO of Brazil Radar, an international management consulting firm for overseas investors in Brazil that was founded in early 2014. Brazil Radar has a well-kept blog that is updated regularly by Rodrigo himself most of the time on economic and business issues specific to Brazil. One of the recent articles on the site highlights the ongoing Brazilian water crisis.

You can purchase Rodrigo’s executive reports on Brazil in the Brazil Radar store. You can also follow Rodrigo on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.

Otaviano Canuto

Otaviano Canuto currently serves as senior advisor on BRICS economies at World Bank’s Development Economics Department. Previously, he served as Secretary for International Affairs at Brazil’s Ministry of Finance. Otaviano also writes on Latin American economic issues at EconoMonitor. One of his most interesting pieces published within the last year made a case for Brazil’s path to growth.

You can read Otaviano’s articles at EconoMonitor. You can also follow Otaviano on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.

LatAm Confidential

Launched in September 2013 and published monthly, LatAm Confidential is a premium investment research service from the Financial Times. They publish a series of subscription-only reports on the Latin American economy, with much of the focus on Brazil. Their latest report includes insights on Brazilian meat exports, infrastructure funding, and the tourism industry. Also included is a quarterly survey of Latin American consumers.

You can request a free trial subscription to LatAm Confidential at their site. You can also follow FT Confidential on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.

Mário Sérgio Lima

Mário Sérgio Lima is Bloomberg’s Brazilian economic and government correspondent and also covers Brazil’s energy and commodities markets. Prior to his time at Bloomberg, he worked as a finance and economy reporter for São Paulo newspaper Folha. Based in Brazil’s Federal District, Mário has field access to the heart of the Brazilian government. His recent stories at Bloomberg include news on Brazil’s policymakers attempting to slow inflation and how Shell views Brazil’s oil industry.

You can follow Mário on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.


Not a single expert, but rather a collection of several experts, MercoPress is a news agency that since 1993 has covered political and trade news related to the Mercosur bloc, which includes Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela. While not offering much in the way of deep economic or investment commentary, this site is updated several times daily with key political and economic news, a lot of which focuses specifically on Brazil. A recent story on the site discusses Brazil’s pending austerity legislation.

You can follow MercoPress on Twitter.

Shannon K. O’Neil

Shannon O’Neil is a senior fellow for Latin American studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. While she covered all of Latin America and wrote a book on the U.S.-Mexico relationship, she also dedicates a fair amount of her writings specifically to Brazil on the Latin America’s Moment blog, hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations. Her recent post on the Petrobras scandal includes a lot of links out to key resources and serves as a great primer on the topic.

You can follow Shannon on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.

Diego Sánchez-Ancochea

Diego Sánchez-Ancochea is an associate professor in the political history of Latin America at the University of Oxford. He publishes his own blog Latin American Development, which focuses on inequality, income redistribution, labor rights, and economic development in the Latin American region. Recent posts on his blog include a criticism of the use of the term “human capital,” and an argument for why meeting the International Labour Organization’s standards for minimum wages is key to becoming a modern society.

You can read more about Diego on his University of Oxford webpage and connect on LinkedIn.

Paulo Sotero

Paulo Sotero is the director of the Brazil Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Paulo is a contributor at Huffington Post, Foreign Policy, and the Financial Times, among others. Recent writings of his include a call to state officials to recognize the dire state of the Brazilian political system and commentary on Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s desire to seek closer ties with the U.S. He is also a frequent guest commentator on BBC, CNN, NPR, and many more media outlets.

You can follow Paulo on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.

Jonathan Wheatley

Jonathan Wheatley is deputy emerging markets editor at the Financial Times and editor of FT’s EM Squared, and formerly the beyondbrics blog at FT. His recent article highlights potential fallen angels — Brazilian companies at risk of a credit downgrading in the wake of the Petrobras scandal.

You can read more of Jonathan’s articles at Muck Rack. You can also follow Jonathan on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn. Also worth following is Samantha Pearson, who, like Jonathan Wheatley, also writes about the Brazilian economy at EM Squared.

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